Artdirection, Concept, Film, Web Design

75.000 new clients

– Integrated campaign – Knab –


Repositioning Knab as the challenger of the banking sector in the Netherlands. We created movement in one of the most historically stagnant sectors.


In a financially sound world the bankers are here for us. To let us know when we can save or earn money. In a financially sound world the consumer is in control. This is how Knab sees the future of banking.


The first film shows why Knab was created and how we put the customer first. The film was followed by tag-ons showing concrete propositions to prove this. The second film is about giving it your all. If you do this you expect the same from others, so why not from your bank?


A huge increase in awareness, with Knab elevated to the top 5 best-known banks in the Netherlands.


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